Busy week!

This week, I was so busy to work.
There were three automation test training every morning from 8 o’clock to 9 o’clock from Charles – Redmond, from Tuesday to Thursday.
There was one  Off-facility meeting with Grace Gu for team lead on Friday morning.
There was one Team routine meeting on Friday afternoon.
Above were the meetings in this week.
I have two features’s test cases that should be written.
I have one Test Specification that is to be updated.
I have to review the automation test framework code.
I have to update the framework to encapsulate the basic as a new framework to make it more clearer for test coder.
May be if you are me, you will be crazy!
But in the weekend, I have two dates, and I have to make clean for our home.
The weekend is not idle!
My God, How do you handle this things? Could you help me?

Every day one new word – Phenix
凤凰, 不死鸟, 绝代佳人(=phoenix)
Variant of phoenix

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