Scrum Master的任职要求

在很多企业和团队里,Scrum Master都是一个可有可无的虚职,通常由团队内部的人员担任,或者大家轮流担任。

但在一些比较正式的产品团队和组织里,也有专职的Scrum Master在辅导团队。

今天,我们就来看看,某些企业里,专职Scrum Master的任职要求,也为想在Agile Coach 和Scrum Master上尝试一下的小伙伴儿提供参考。

下面是某公司招聘专职Scrum Master的职位描述。

Job Title: Scrum Master

任职头衔:Scrum Master

Department: PMO

任职部门:PMO (项目管理办公室)

Reporting to: Market Development Leader


Position Summary:This role will drive transformation and development execution with Scrum Methodology to help the organization to achieve business goals. It will also be a significant contributor on continuous improvement in the organization.

Job Responsibilities/ Deliverable

  • Guide and coach the scrum Team on how to use agile/scrum practices and values
  • Facilitate effective and efficient meetings and Scrum rituals including; Release and Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives, and Daily Scrums
  • Be a resource to each team member and support the removal of impediments as required.
  • Maintain transparency into the team’s work through product and sprint backlogs, burn-down charts, and other interdepartmental communications.
  • Able to pursue and resolve project issues independently
  • Isolation of root problems from exposed symptoms and aid in resolutions.
  • Coach and support continuous process improvement within the team

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

  • Expertise and passion for process clarity and process improvements
  • Strong command of coaching and facilitation skills
  • Clear and effective written and verbal communication and strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong attention to detail, strong sense of ownership and strong commitment to teamwork
  • True desire for constant learning and education
  • Positive, “can-do” attitude, self-starter with strong organizational skills

Qualification, Education and Experiences

  • MS/BS in Computer Science or equivalent education and experience preferred
  • Experience in software development and practices, preferably agile practices such as Extreme Programming and Test-Driven- Development
  • A minimum of 1+ year of experience as a full-time Scrum Master
  • Excellent command in spoken and written English

整体来看, 要求不是特别高。